2019 news

  • Chris Wilson

    Helping technology companies raise capital

    Alumnus Chris Wilson says he was an unusual child. “I wanted to be a lawyer since I was about 12 years old, which I realise now is a bit weird for a kid,” he says.

  • The ocean

    A threat to statehood

    Climate change, and the resulting global sea level rise, not only threatens catastrophic damage to the planet but also challenges the very fabric that governs international law, writes law student Billie Haddleton.

  • Jamie Molea in front of the Law School.

    Expanding career opportunities

    Master of Laws student Jamie Molea always had his sights set on postgraduate study after completing his LLB, and the opportunity to study while interning at a law firm confirmed Wellington as his first choice.

  • A piece of rubbish on a beach

    Answers to an escalating ocean crisis

    Marine pollution is devastating the world's oceans, of which less than 6 percent are protected in any way. Law and Commerce student Finn Dillon says we need to get past the politics and act now.

  • Joanna Bate sits in front of a book case in the Law School.

    A rewarding challenge

    For Joanna Bate, enrolling in her Master of Laws after five years in the workplace was daunting at first, but now she says it’s the best decision she’s ever made.

  • Conrad Reyners flying in a Red Bull stunt plane.

    Where public law meets the private sector

    While an interest in the ways public power is exercised might have first inspired Conrad Reyners to join the legal fraternity, the Victoria University of Wellington law graduate has ended up working in the private sector for one of the most recognisable beverage and media brands in the world.

  • A profile image of Lewis Gyson.

    International recognition for Law graduate

    A Victoria University of Wellington Law graduate who is making a name for himself in Silicon Valley has recently been named as one to watch on an influential list of young movers and shakers.