A representative group for queer students on the Victoria University campus.

Welcome to UniQ Victoria, the queer/rainbow representative group, a social and supportive space for queer students and their friends. It’s a great place to meet people and hang out in an environment that’s both safe and accepting.

We run regular lunch spaces on Fridays 1–3pm in SU218 on the Kelburn campus, as well as parties and other events throughout the year. These lunch spaces alter between discussion spaces and board games each week. UniQ also runs Gender Club, a subgroup of UniQ which meets fortnightly in SU218 to discuss and educate on issues relating to non-cisgender identities.

UniQ runs a queer mentoring service, which provides safe, anonymous access to an experienced buddy. We’re flexible, and whether you want to meet in person, or just chat via email, we’ll do whatever we can.

Contact details

Email: uniqvictoria@gmail.com
Website: UNI Q
Facebook: UNI Q on Facebook