Associate Professor Deborah Jones

Adjunct Professor
School of Management


Kia ora. I am interested in critical and interdisciplinary work which links organisational studies to cultural studies. I encourage students to take a critical view of management knowledge, and to develop new ways to think about work and organizations, especially in terms of ethics and social change. Before becoming an academic I worked in the public service in industrial relations, editing, writing and in communications; I went on to become self-employed and to work as a community educator.


BA, MA (Hons) English Language and Literature (Victoria University of Wellington), PhD Management Studies (Waikato).

Research interests

I am an Associate of the Centre for Labour, Employment and Work, and a member of the Identities network and the Social Movements network.

  • Creative industries, especially the New Zealand film industry;
  • Identity and work, especially gender and ethnicity;
  • Critical Management Studies (challenges to management theory and practice based on critical theory and a commitment to social change);
  • Organizations and ethics in social context;
  • Qualitative research methodology especially discourse analysis.

Potential postgraduate supervision

I am interested in supervising innovative qualitative research on any aspect of my research interests, which centre on working lives in their social contexts. These include work in the creative industries, especially film; and work in relation to aspects of identity such as gender, ethnicity/race, sexuality, nationality and age.

Currently Deborah is supervising PhD students Avigail Maggeni, and Erin Roxburgh-Makea

Selected publications

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