Iris van Eeden Jones

Iris holds a PhD in International Political Economy from S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Her thesis dealt with anti-corruption measures in Indonesia’s largest state-owned enterprise PLN. She is an independent consultant for large international corporations specializing in due-diligence and risk analysis research in Southeast Asia with a focus on Indonesia. She lived in Indonesia and Singapore for ten years before moving to the United States.

Iris works together with Professor Karin Lasthuizen on publications and presentations concerning anti-corruption policies and ethical leadership, particularly in Asia.


Van Eeden Jones, I., Eryanto, D., & Lasthuizen, K. (2020). Ethical Leadership is needed to restore the Integrity of Indonesian SOEs.

Van Eeden Jones, I., & Lasthuizen, K. (2018). Building Public Sector Integrity in Indonesia: the role and challenges of Ethical Leadership. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration.