Richa Chugh

The influence of psychological contract on exporter-distributor relationships and export venture performance

A profile image of PhD graduate, Dr Richa Chugh.
PhD graduate, Dr Richa Chugh


In 2016, Richa obtained a PhD in International Business from Victoria University of Wellington. Her supervisors were Associate Professor Val Lindsey and Professor David Crick. She also holds an MSc in International Marketing Management from the University of Leeds (UK) and a BA in History from the University of Delhi (India). She taught International Business and Marketing at Victoria University of Wellington and Massey University before taking up a lecturing position at Maynooth National University of Ireland.


PhD, Victoria University of Wellington
MSc, Leeds
BA, Delhi

Research interests

The role of socio-psychological factors on performance in the domains of international business strategy and business-to-business (B2B) marketing. Richa conducts qualitative and quantitative research on export performance and B2B marketing with a focus on customer reacquisition.