BNZ Asia Chair - an image of a large Asian style building in a lush green landscape.

Chair in Business in Asia - Advisory Board

Information about the role of the Chair’s Advisory Board, and a list of current Board members.

The role of the Advisory Board to the Chair in Business In Asia includes:

  • Providing active support for, input to, advice on, and approval and prioritisation of, the research programme identified by the Chair
  • Providing advice on the communication and dissemination of policy insights and research findings of the Chair
  • Providing active support for, and input to, the teaching and public outreach activities undertaken by the Chair
  • Providing ideas and comment on issues of relevance to the work of the Chair
  • Approving any new sponsors of the Chair

Members of the Advisory Board

  • Professor Ian O. Williamson: Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Wellington School of Business and Government, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Associate Professor Val Hooper: Head of School, School of Marketing and International Business, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Grahame Morton: Principal Advisor, Asia and Americas, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Jane Liu: Market Manager for China, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
  • Katherine MacNeill: General Manager, Trade and International Environment, Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment