Martyn Gosling

Towards a general theory of markets: A social practice theory approach

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Martyn Gosling, PhD graduate in Marketing


Phone: 04 463 6920 / Mobile: 027 4803 711

Office: RH 1128, Rutherford House, Pipitea campus, Wellington 6011

Supervisors: Dr James Richard & Dr Yuri Seo (Auckland University)


Martyn was a journalist, then a senior manager in a government agency, and then a management/strategy consultant. Along the way he picked up an MBA from Victoria, graduating in 2006. He has been involved with the School of Marketing and International Business both as a tutor and then as a lecturer/course coordinator for Principles of Marketing, Marketing Management, and Marketing Strategy.


MBA, Victoria University of Wellington

Research interests

In his PhD, Martyn explored a model that presents markets not only as an economic construct, but also a social construct reflecting the society in which they sit. His research focused on how we can define the boundaries of markets, and how markets change.


Gosling, M., Richard, J., & Seo, Y. (2017). Market Boundaries in the Service-Centric Paradigm: A case study of the New Zealand mobile telecommunications market. Naples Forum on Service, Sorrento, Italy.

Gosling, M., Richard, J., and Seo, Y. (2017). Markets and market boundaries: a social practice approach. Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 27(2), 408 - 426.

Gosling, M. J., Richard, J. E., & Seo, Y. (2014) Toward a Market Practice Model: A Practice-Based Approach. In Rundle-Thiele, S., Kubacki, K., & Arli, D. (Eds.), ANZMAC 2014 Proceedings (pp 975-981).