Global and relationship marketing

Members of the Global and Relationship Marketing research group are actively involved in contemporary and relevant business research projects spanning the globe. Current projects include:

  • a major multi-country, cross-cultural study investigating and comparing business ethics and etiquette with respect to business relationship initiation, development, maintenance and dissolution;
  • understanding and evaluating the barriers and solutions in negotiation, communication and partnership in international business networks; and how gatekeepers play a critical role in re-conciliating and balancing conflicting rules and norms in co-evolution of the international business networks;
  • investigating the influence and effect of Internet, social media, mobile marketing on B2B and B2C relationship development;
  • examining B2B relationship quality antecedents and outcomes and the role of religiosity and spirituality on marketing and management decision making;
  • exploring and studying SME social media management and governance with respect to marketing, including the impact and influence of the Internet, and social media on SME brand management, especially positioning and control.

Group members

For more information about any of the group projects, please get in touch with the researchers below.

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Kim Fam

Kim Fam

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