Internationalisation strategy

Members of this group are interested in the research topics in the broad areas of SME internationalisation and international entrepreneurship. The group seeks new insights into the opportunities, risks and barriers faced by Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and entrepreneurs in the process of internationalisation.

It is particularly interested in the agile, adaptive and innovative management structures and processes adopted by these internationalised SMEs and international entrepreneurs at the era of the increasingly digitally connected global business environment.

Some of the group's current research projects include:

  • Internationalisation of emerging market firms
  • Institutions and firm internationalisation
  • Organisational status and internationalisation strategy
  • International business strategy of family businesses
  • Cross-border knowledge management within MNEs
  • Business-government interface in the international business context

Group members

For more information about the group's current research projects, please get in touch with the researchers below.

EMBA Academic Programme Leader
Wellington School of Business and Government

Eldrede Kahiya

Eldrede Kahiya

Director, Postgraduate Programme in International Business
School of Marketing and International Business

  • RH 1107, Rutherford House, 23 Lambton Quay

Facilitator MRP
Wellington University International

Teaching Duties MARK101
School of Marketing and International Business

Deputy Head of School
School of Marketing and International Business

Senior Lecturer
School of Marketing and International Business