2014 News

  • A modern take on an ancient tradition

    Kiwis commonly embark on an 'OE' after finishing their studies and Israelis do a long trip after military service, but there is no other form of youth travel quite like Wanderschaft in Germany.

  • Media commentary from SMIB academic

    Dan Laufer, Head of the School of Marketing and International Business, was invited by the Wall Street Journal to provide commentary on a crisis facing Walgreen, the largest drug retailing chain in the world.

  • Insights into permission-based mobile advertising

    A technology that involves users signing up to receive marketing messages from local businesses is likely to reach our shores soon, according to VBS researcher Dr James Richard.

  • Celebrity baby bumps affect pre-natal attachment

    Obsessing over celebrity baby bumps can have a negative impact on women’s attachment to their babies during pregnancy and after birth, Victoria Business School research has found.

  • Winning essay may lead to internship

    Winning an essay competition could see marketing student Sophie Speakman spending a week at SenateSHJ, learning first-hand how a busy communications consultancy operates.

  • Peter Thirkell - a journey of curiousity

    How marketing reconciles with sustainability and new technologies are now driving Emeritus Professor Peter Thirkell's thinking, even after he has "retired".

  • India-New Zealand grant for SMIB researcher

    A grant from the India New Zealand Education Council will enable senior lecturer Dr Revti Raman to conduct research that will provide practical advice on doing business in India.

  • Students create their own league to find legends

    Victoria Business School researcher Dr Yuri Seo says that as computer gaming has grown worldwide, a spectator element has developed, as is the case with any other professional sport.