Chair in Business in Asia - Sponsors

Get to know the Chair in Business in Asia’s valued sponsors.

The Chair in Business in Asia is the result of an important partnership between Victoria University of Wellington and three government agencies: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

Victoria University of Wellington values these relationships and is sure they will be of mutual benefit. Improving New Zealand’s knowledge base on conducting business in Asia will have positive flow-on effects for all participating organisations, as well as other New Zealand entities conducting business in Asia.

Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University logo

Victoria University of Wellington is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious tertiary institutions with a proud tradition of academic excellence.

The University has a commitment to reciprocal, high-quality relationships springing from identifying and understanding the need for New Zealand to achieve sustainable development.

The University's historic strength in public policy has been fully demonstrated by substantial contributions to major government projects, and entrepreneurship education is an emerging strength on which we intend to build.

The University aims to produce graduates whose learning has been developed inside and outside of the classroom, experientially, and informed by a global perspective.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)

MBIE logo

MBIE plays a central role in shaping and delivering a strong New Zealand economy.

They develop and deliver policy, services, advice and regulation to support business growth and the prosperity and wellbeing
of all New Zealanders.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)

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MFAT is the Government's lead source of advice on foreign and trade policy, diplomatic and consular issues, and on international development assistance.

Internationally they work to ensure that New Zealand's voice is heard, security and economic interests are advanced and protected, contribution is made to sustainable development in developing countries, and that the rights and safety of New Zealanders abroad are protected.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE)

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NZTE aims to help New Zealand businesses grow bigger, better, and faster in international markets, supporting the Government's Business Growth Agenda by creating conditions that encourage successful businesses to grow globally.