Student associations

Find out about the different student associations that we have supporting and celebrating the Pasifika community at Victoria University of Wellington.

Student Associations

Alongside the Pasifika Students' Council, a number of other student groups also support the academic, cultural and social well-being of our Pasifika student community at Victoria University of Wellington. Find out more about the associations and contact their teams through the University's clubs directory.

Cook Islands Association (VUWCIA)

Fijian Students' Association (KaiFiji)

Melanesian Students’ Association (MSA)

Papua New Guinea Students’ Association (PNG Sumatin)

Samoan Students’ Association (VUSSA)

Tokelauan Students’ Association (Te Namo)

Tongan Students’ Association (VUWTSA Stallions)

Vanuatu Students’ Association (VSA)

Pacific Islands Commerce Students’ Association (PICSA)

Pasifika Law Students' Society (PLSS)