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  • Constituent Power and the Law

    The power of people

    Professor Joel Colón-Ríos has marked the end of four years of research into constituent power with the publication of his book Constituent Power and the Law, published by Oxford University Press.

  • Professor Butler in front of the German Embassy

    Professor Petra Butler's repatriation efforts in the Pacific Islands

    Professor Dr Petra Butler and Dr Timo Bauer-Savage both “missed” the first three and a half weeks of the lockdown. Professor Butler assisted the Embassy’s repatriation effort of tourists and volunteer-workers who were in Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, and the Cook Islands. Dr Bauer-Savage, Deputy Ambassador of Germany in New Zealand, who is currently pursuing further studies at Victoria University of Wellington’s Faculty of Law, was in charge of Germany’s repatriation programme in New Zealand.

  • Professor Susy Frankel

    In conversation with Professor Susy Frankel

    Professor Susy Frankel, FRSNZ, was recently profiled by the Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand to discuss her "extensive career", the relationship between academia and practice in intellectual property (IP) law, mātuaranga Māori, international IP law, what IP issues may come out of the COVID-19 pandemic and much more.