Approved research away

If you’re undertaking field work or data gathering away from Wellington find out about the research away application process.

Despite the expectation that you will study in Wellington, it may be necessary for you to conduct some of your research away from the University.

Permission to work away from the University will only normally be granted to allow you to carry out research that cannot be done at Victoria University of Wellington—so that you can undertake fieldwork, for example, or use archives or laboratories at other institutions.

Applications must be submitted to your School Research Committee (SRC) using the form below. You will need to apply well before you intend to leave Wellington.

Before submitting an application, please discuss things with your supervisors. You and your supervisors will need to agree on the full range of issues outlined in the form.

Research away regulations

You will need to be familiar with the regulations relating to research absences before you plan your travel.

  • During provisional registration, PhD students may not be absent from the University for more than three months.
  • Following full registration, domestic students (i.e., New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and Australian citizens) must spend at least one month per year (regardless of being full-time or half-time) at Victoria University of Wellington.
  • International PhD students may be absent from the University for no more than 12 months in total during their candidature. See our information for international students for more information.
  • Students must keep in regular contact with their supervisors while away from the University and report on their research at agreed intervals (a PhD, by its very nature, consists of a programme of research conducted under supervision).
  • Students must maintain their registration, pay fees and comply with University regulations even while absent from the University.