Your periods of registration follow the calendar year. Find out how your registration is managed.

Until you submit your thesis, you will receive advice in late September that your registration will be renewed on 1 January for twelve months. Before Christmas you will have confirmation that your registration for the following year has been processed. You should be prepared to pay your fees and levies in full by the 10th of February.

Exceptions to one year re-registration

If you plan to submit your thesis in less than 12 months from re-registration on 1 January, you may opt to re-register for a period of 3, 6 or 9 months.

If you are currently on suspension you will need to manually re-register through your Home Faculty Office. Your new registration will be from the end of your suspension through to 31 December.

If you are withdrawing from your PhD study, you must notify us so that you are not re-registered.

All exceptions need to be notified using the form below.