After applying

We will assess your application and notify you by email of the outcome. If successful, you will need to accept your Offer of Place online and enrol in person.

Assessing your application

The appropriate School Research Committee will review your application. They will need to be satisfied that you have an adequate academic background and that the School can provide you with the supervision and resources you would need for your research.

In some cases, the Committee may require you to complete some coursework during your period of provisional registration.

Wellington Doctoral Scholarships

The appropriate School Research Committee will assess your application for a Wellington Doctoral Scholarship alongside your application for PhD candidature.

Depending on your research area, there may be other scholarships available to support your doctoral studies.


We will notify you of the outcome of your application for admission and/or scholarship within six to eight weeks from the closing date for applications.

Offer of Place

If your application is successful, we will send you an email offering you a place as a PhD or professional doctorate student. For PhD students, this email will also tell you whether you have been awarded a Wellington Doctoral Scholarship.

This Offer of Place can also be viewed in the online application system.

Confirming your place

In order to confirm your place at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, you must:

  • download and read the notes to accompany the Offer of Place
  • accept your offer within one month using the online application system
  • supply the Doctoral Admissions Office with all academic transcripts and degree certificates
  • meet any other conditions placed on your offer.


You need to enrol in person before you can start your PhD or professional doctorate. This is a separate process to confirming your acceptance of a place at the University.

For PhD students, you are expected to start your studies within six months of accepting the offer if you are a domestic student and within nine months if you are an international student.

Starting your doctoral programme

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