Working under academic supervision

Learn about your responsibilities as a PhD student, and those of your supervisor.

You will normally have two academic supervisors during your studies. Your supervisors will have considerable research experience and knowledge of your discipline. At least one, the primary supervisor, will have experience supervising PhD students to completion. You will work closely with your academic supervisors throughout your candidature.

The Victoria supervisor

Your primary supervisor will also normally be your 'Victoria supervisor'. The Victoria supervisor has responsibility for overseeing your academic development.

External supervisors

In some cases, it may be appropriate for you to receive supervision from an external supervisor, someone outside the University.

The sections below will provide you with advice about what you can normally expect of your supervisors and what they can expect of you.

Student responsibilities

Learn about your responsibilities as a doctoral student.

Supervisors' responsibilities

Learn about your supervisor's responsibilities.

Supervision meetings

Find out what to expect during meetings with your supervisors.

Feedback from supervisors

Find out about the feedback you can expect to receive.