Doctoral coursework

Under some circumstances coursework may form part of your doctoral study

If you think you might benefit from coursework, for example in statistics or methodology, you should discuss this with your supervisor(s).

Some candidates may have coursework as a requirement on their offer of place, and may need to achieve specific standards in the coursework in order to progress to full registration (you will be informed of this in advance).

If you are considering undertaking some coursework during your provisional registration period keep in mind that:

  • The courses you take should not normally exceed 60 points in total
  • coursework must be relevant to your proposed topic and necessary for the successful completion of your research proposal
  • you must complete all coursework within the period of provisional registration unless the Dean of Graduate Research approves otherwise
  • any courses you do will not count towards the outcome of your degree
  • you will not be required to pay additional fees if you undertake coursework within the period of provisional registration.

Concurrent study

If you wish to undertake coursework for interest and beyond what is required for your PhD, you must apply to the Associate Dean (PGR) in your home faculty. You must explain your reasons and have the written support of your supervisors and Head of School. There will be tuition fees attached to any coursework not directly related to your PhD.

Professional doctorates

The professional doctorates include mandatory coursework which is undertaken as Part 1 of the qualification. The courses are specified in the relevant regulations and minimum grades apply. Satisfactory completion of the coursework is a requirement for achieving full registration.