International students’ information

This information is specific to international students and explains some of the different regulations you’ll need to be aware of during your doctoral study.

During the course of a doctoral programme any number of situations commonly arise for all doctoral students. Due to Immigration NZ’s conditions around study visas, and the Government’s eligibility requirements giving international students access to domestic tuition fee rates, some University regulations need to be managed a little differently for study visa holders.

You will need to read the sections below together with the general information provided on attendance, suspensions and extensions.

Changing visa types

If at any stage during your doctoral programme you change visa types (for example, if you’re granted a resident’s visa or permanent residency, or a variation of conditions to your visa) you must forward a copy of your visa to the WFGR’s Student Advisors to ensure that your status with the University is managed appropriately and the correct fees charged.

Changing to a resident class visa has implications for your status as an international student and may affect your eligibility for insurance as well as change the way some University regulations apply to your candidature.


Find out about the attendance requirements for international students.

Suspending your study

As a period of suspension may have implications for your study visa make sure you’re aware of the regulations.


Find out how changes to your candidature status might affect your insurance

Visa renewals

Find out how to renew your visa while you are undertaking your research degree at Victoria University of Wellington.