Candidature changes

Read Victoria University of Wellington’s requirements and download forms relevant to changing your registration status.

There are various situations that may occur throughout your doctoral candidature which could require a change to your status with the University.

Read the University’s requirements on changing between full-time to part-time, suspending your study for a period, annual re-registration, applying for an extension and other changes to your registration.

Full-time or part-time study

If your commitments change it may be possible to change your registration status from full-time to half-time, or half-time to full-time.

Suspending your study

In the event of an unavoidable interruption to your study, you may be eligible for a suspension of study.


Your periods of registration follow the calendar year. Find out how your registration is managed.


If you’ll exceed the timeframe within which your thesis is due to be submitted you must apply for an extension.

Under examination

Once you submit your thesis for examination your status will be ’under examination’, find out what this means.

Withdrawing from doctoral studies

If you need to withdraw from your studies find out what steps you need to take.

Converting to a Master’s thesis

In some situations you may be able to convert your PhD to a Master’s by Thesis, find out more.

Termination of candidature

Find out under what circumstances Victoria University of Wellington may terminate your enrolment.