Suspending your study

In the event of an unavoidable interruption to your study, you may be eligible for a suspension of study.

Wherever possible, you should apply for a suspension in advance using the application form below. If you need to apply retrospectively (in the case of illness, for example) you need to apply as soon as possible after the interruption, and within 2 months. Suspensions are approved on the basis that you cannot work on your thesis during the period covered by the suspension.

If you are an international student there are additional restrictions on the length of time you may suspend your study. See our information for international students for more information. If you’re thinking of suspending your studies you should also contact Wellington University International to discuss your plans.

If you hold a scholarship paid through Victoria University of Wellington’s Scholarships Office you must inform the Scholarships Office so that your payments can be suspended. You will also need to let the Scholarships Office know when you return to your studies so your payments can be reinstated. Before applying for a suspension you should check both your scholarship contract and regulations, you may be limited in how much time you can suspend your studies for.