Workshop safety

Safety policy

Safety is paramount in all workshops. The Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation operates in compliance with New Zealand Occupational Health and Safety rules and regulations. It is our policy that the use of construction power tools and machinery be restricted to the workshop areas. Power tools and machinery should only be used by students who are trained to safely operate them. And they should be used only under supervision and during workshop opening hours.

Safety training

Students receive safety training during their first two years at the school. In the first year, students are introduced to health and safety and trade practice concepts during normal workshops. They are introduced to a range of hand tools and trained on using the drill press and bandsaw. During Orientation and the first few weeks of year two, students are trained on additional woodwork and metal machinery, and CAD/CAM digital fabrication equipment relevant to their program of study.

The Faculty Health and Safety Handbook can be found in Student Resources.