Old House

Old House sketches a tiny, run-down family house, sitting at the edge of the sea in Kaikōura, Aotearoa, through 'expanded' architecture drawings

Photographic work presented in Old House

The little house seems to be in conversation with its vast context. It has complex miniature microclimates: tiny variations in surface, dust, light, air, sound - birds nesting in the roof – as well as memory, lost gardens, clumsy attempts at repair. Outside are enormous weather systems, immense sea, dynamic rock.

Old House attempts to capture the strange architecture of this conversation. A series of multi-media ‘sketch creatures’ explore architecture as both personal and planetary, re-drawing the house and its reef context. The installation is part of an ongoing project in expanding the limits of architectural drawing through multi-modal sketch installations.

Simon Twose

Anastasia Globa

July 7–20, Te Auaha Gallery, 65 Dixon Street

Exhibition open Mon–Fri 8:30am–6pm and weekends 10am–3pm