SARC121 Assignment One: Structures in Context

First year Architectural Studies students show off their talents in an exhibition of physical architectural structures.

Architectural model with black background

There can be no architecture without structures. In this assignment—the first for SARC121: Introduction to Build Environment Technologies—students were assigned emblematic buildings from the 20th and 21st century and were tasked with reconstructing their assigned building’s structural system in drawings and a physical model. The idea was for students to look beyond the arrangement of structural members and loads distribution, and to analyse how structural systems can define spatial arrangements and enhance aesthetic and symbolic meaning.

SARC121 first year students produced an incredible variety of physical models, which were exhibited in the Te Aro Window Gallery specially for Open Day 2023. This was an exciting opportunity for future students and their whānau to see a thought provoking and multidimensional display of first year work as they entered the campus.

August–October 2023, Te Aro Window Gallery.