Industry associations and partnerships

Our industry associations and partnerships ensure we remain connected, competitive and address the growing needs of the industry.

Our industry partnerships provide an important link between research and practice for our students. They also provide opportunities for employment and help us stay connected with our alumni after they graduate.

Industry professionals play a vital role in teaching and learning. They sometimes act as tutors or guest moderators to critique student work. At other times, they give lectures or run workshops.

These sessions are highly valued by our students. They gain insights into how the creative industry works and what companies are looking for in graduates. Through inspiring personal stories, students hear about real-world production and commercial projects in action.

The Faculty's connections with these industries allow networking opportunities for our students. Many of them gain jobs before they have finished their degree.

Industry partnerships

Each school has its own industry partnerships.

These partnerships play a variety of roles, including:

  • project and research collaboration
  • sponsorship for exhibition and prizes
  • providing internships
  • providing professional work experiences opportunities.

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