Land (Im)balance

Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation partner with Lateral, for their joint annual visiting Architect Exhibition

hanging soil in clear container from pink rope with timber hanging stops in the background

Soil samples from around Te Whanganui-A-Tara region were collected and displayed in Lateral, a Architectural Installation at Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation. The Exhibition explores complexities involved in the various forces on land, including cultural and capitalist forces. The complexities of this installation physically address the application of greater force in individual 'buckets', and how this impacts the other parts of the installation. The exhibition also featured 3D printed icons of different types of land use – housing, quarrying and farming.

The Exhibition, which was also featured in Venice Italy, was created by Canadian Architects Lola Sheppard and Mason White. Their research focuses on Indigenous land rights in Canada, but similarities in the work can be linked the indigenous land issues faced in Aotearoa.

Join Sheppard and White on Tuesday 16 August at 5.30 to hear about the installation and how their architectural research around indigeneity and land issues linking the indigenous peoples of Canada and Aotearoa.

August 8–21 2022, Te Aro Campus Atrium