Undergraduate study

The Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation offers undergraduate degrees in Architectural Studies, Building Science, and Design Innovation.

Student operates robotic arm

The Wellington School of Architecture offers two three-year degrees, the Bachelor of Architectural Studies and the Bachelor of Building Science. Both degrees share a common first year, giving students the opportunity to gain a comprehensive grounding in the built environment and the flexibility to choose from all six majors for specialised study in their second and third year.

The School of Design Innovation offers one three-year degree, the Bachelor of Design Innovation, with a choice of seven majors. Across all our Design Innovation majors we lead the way in our critical approach to design thinking.

Bachelor of Design Innovation guide

If you need help planning your Bachelor of Design Innovation degree, have a look at this downloadable advice guide. It details the courses for each of the major subjects, and shows you how they fit together.

Conjoint and double degrees

You can choose to combine your degree with a second degree as conjoint or double degree, which will take less time than completing two degrees seperately. You can choose a second degree from any other school in the University.

Note: If you are taking a BAS or BBSc, their highly structured first year means careful planning will be required. Our student advisers can help you make a plan for study that will work for you.

Postgraduate study

Postgraduate study offers students a chance to extend their knowledge, and stand out in their field. All our majors can lead into postgraduate study.

Students planning to become registered architects will need to complete the Master of Architecture (Professional), and students planning to become registered landscape architects will need to complete the Master of Landscape Architecture.