Information for Partners

Nomination Procedures

All students must be nominated to Victoria University of Wellington by the home university’s Exchange Office before their application documents are submitted. Please email first to check how many students we can accept if we have not advised previously.

Nominations may be submitted at any time up until the application deadlines for the relevant exchange term.

Nomination Deadlines

Trimester 1 (February - June) 
Deadline for Nominations: 18 November for the following year.

Trimester 2 (July - November) 
Deadline for Nominations: 18 April

Please submit all student nominations to

Nominations should include the following details for each student:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Preferred name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of citizenship
  • Email Address
  • Starting term of exchange study
  • Duration of Exchange Study
  • Level of Exchange study
  • Academic subject (area of focus)

The University has a third trimester that runs from November to February and is known as the summer trimester. Exchange students cannot apply for admission for the third trimester. Students staying for two trimesters starting in Trimester 2 will take a break over the summer period and resume study at the start of Trimester 1.

Application Procedures

Applications for incoming exchange study must be submitted via email from the nominating university office to on behalf of the applicants. Our office cannot accept incoming exchange applications directly from students. Hard copies of application documents are not necessary. Applications may be submitted at anytime prior to the listed application deadline for the relevant exchange term.

Please ensure that all documents have been stamped, dated, and signed by the home university’s Exchange Office as being true copies of the originals.

  • Application form (The nomination section must be completed by the home university’s Exchange Office).
  • A certified photocopy of the student’s passport
  • Evidence of English proficiency (Please refer to the Study Abroad and Exchange Apply & Contact page to see if this is required for your university by selecting your exchange programme and country location of your university).
  • An original/certified copy of academic transcripts at tertiary level, translated into English by the university or other official bodies (online translation or translation by the students cannot be accepted).
  • Architecture and Design students are required to submit a portfolio of their work. The portfolio should include drawings and work that best represent the student’s strengths. These can be technical drawings, design work, sketches, photographs and more artistic pieces. The portfolio can be in any format (i.e.; folder, CD, website. Digital copies are preferable) and should be an accurate representation of your skills set to date.

Please refer to the Study Abroad and Exchange Restrictions page to check which courses are restricted or have additional document requirements.

Further information on the inbound Study Abroad and Exchange programme is available here

Application Deadlines

Trimester 1 (February - June) 
Deadline for applications: 1st December for the following year.

Trimester 2 (July - November) 
Deadline for applications: 1st May

Inbound exchange applications are processed by the International Admissions Team once they have been approved by Wellington Global Exchange.


Please direct all queries regarding agreement renewals, expansions or the establishment of new exchange partnerships to


One official digital transcript will be sent to the student after final grade release, only at the end of a student’s exchange period. Transcripts will be withheld if the student has any outstanding fees with the University. In the case that additional copies are required, students can request an additional copy from the Victoria University of Wellington website for a small fee.

Victoria University of Wellington Grading Scale