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NZ Sign Language

Find online resources to help you learn and practise NZ Sign Language.

Coursebook companion websites

These websites provide activities which link with course books/courses offered through Victoria University of Wellington.

NZSL101 Online - Interactive exercises designed for NZSL101 students at Victoria University.

NZSL202 Online - Interactive exercises designed for NZSL202 students at Victoria University.

Language learning hubs

These websites offer a large variety of language learning material across all skills and all levels of difficulty.

Learn NZSL - A free interactive learning portal for teaching yourself basic New Zealand Sign Language in your own time.

NZSL Exercises Vols 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 - Topic-based interactive exercises; NZSL Signs in and around the School and in and around the Home - for everyday vocabulary.

Thumbs Up! An Introduction to New Zealand Sign Language - 20 language learning units, a video gallery of topic-based vocabulary, worksheets, etc. from the Ministry of Education's Te Kete Ipurangi (developed for New Zealand schools).


The Baobab NZSL - The Baobab is an original story about a curious little girl who embarks on an adventure. Complete with illustrations and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) storytelling, this bilingual interactive storybook app features a NZSL glossary with over 100 vocabulary words.

Moe and the Unexpected Bully - Moe and the Unexpected Bully is a beautifully illustrated digital storybook that follows Moe and his friends as they encounter bullying from someone completely unexpected.

Grammar and vocabulary

TuriTv - Video resources from van Asch Deaf Education Centre - includes grammar and vocabulary exercises for a variety of levels.

Deaf culture

Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand - Comprehensive website for the New Zealand Deaf community. Features video clips of easy-to-learn signs, interesting information about the establishment of NZSL, upcoming events, resources and links. The association's governing body is elected by members of the NZ Deaf community.

Office for Disability Issues - Has NZSL video clips with information about disability issues in New Zealand and the 2006 NZSL Bill.

NZ National Anthem in Sign Language - Learn to sign the New Zealand National Anthem with this YouTube video.


Online Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language - Multimedia, bilingual reference tool produced by Victoria University's Deaf Studies Research Centre.