Alumni databases

Victoria University of Wellington graduates are eligible for alumni membership of the University Library which includes access to selected online databases.

Use of these licensed resources must be solely for personal research/educational use.

Visit the alumni and visitors page for details on the cost of this membership and how to apply.

If you need further support, once you are registered, please contact the Library for assistance.

Resources by title

  • Academic OneFile (Gale)

    Multidisciplinary source of scholarly material in the fields of physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, and the arts. Contains material published between 1980 and the present.

  • Academic Search Almuni Edition (EBSCOhost)

    Multidisciplinary source of scholarly material, with access to scholarly texts published before 1975.

  • Agriculture (Gale OneFile)

    A collection of journals, books and magazines in applied science, with partial full-text coverage. Topics include agriculture, horticulture, food technology, microbiology, conservation and more.

  • Bibliography of the History of Art

    Comprehensive art bibliography covering European and American visual arts from late antiquity to the present. Encompases the fine arts as well as decorative and applied arts.

  • BMJ BestTreatments

    Consumer information about common health issues

  • Books & Authors (Gale)

    A searchable collection of interlinked information on authors, genres, publishers and books. The focus of the collection is largely on mainstream, popular works, and includes information on books soon to be published.

  • British Library: 17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers

    Searchable full-text of newspapers and news pamphlets mostly published in London during the 17th and 18th centuries. Some papers from provincial England, Ireland, Scotland, Europe, American colonies and India from the same period are included.

  • Economics and Theory (Gale OneFile)

    A collection of articles covering business and economics topics at both the macro and micro levels. Coverage includes state trends in property taxes, personal savings rate, subprime bailout, Asian businesses, interactive advertising and domestic policies.

  • Business Source Alumni Edition (EBSCOhost)

    A major collection of academic journals and trade publications covering all areas of business, especially management and marketing. Country economic reports, company profiles, industry reports, market research reports and SWOT analyses are also available.

  • China: Trade, Politics and Culture, 1793-1980

    Original source material from the School of Oriental and African Studies and the British Library, including manuscript and print documents, maps and images, journals and official papers, covering China's interaction with the West, from various perspectives.

  • Cochrane Library

    A regularly updated collection of evidence-based medicine online resources which bring together research looking at the effectiveness of different health care treatments and interventions.

  • Cold War: Voices of Confrontation and Conciliation

    Transcripts of oral recollections of key players in the Cold War (eg. politicians, security chiefs, arms negotiators, nuclear weapons specialists) providing insight into the motivations for conflict and conciliation.

  • Communications and Mass Media Collection (Gale OneFile)

    Articles on all aspects of the communications and mass media fields. Covers topics such as broadcasting, journalism and advertising.

  • Computer Science (Gale OneFile)

    This resource provides access to information about computer related products including hardware, software, electronics, communications and technology.

  • Criminal Justice Collection (Gale OneFile)

    Books and articles from academic publications and the popular press covering topics in criminal justice. Most items include full text, but some are citations only.

  • Defining Gender Online

    A historical archive of primary source documents, biographical information, and essays relating to gender, specifically to the role of women in the English speaking world: 1450-1910.

  • Economist, The - Historical Archive 1843-2015 (Gale)

    This collection provides access to every issue of The Economist from 1843 to 2015. Coverage includes finance, economics, world news, politics, science and technology, and profiles of countries, regions and people. Supplements, special reports, surveys and exportable financial tables are also provided in this collection.

  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online (Gale)

    A collection of over 180,000 books published in the 18th century, covering a wide range of subject areas including history, literature, religion, art, science, and law.

  • Eighteenth Century Journals I, II & III

    Brings together rare journals printed between 1693 and 1799 illuminating all aspects of eighteenth-century, including crime, sport, advertising, theatre, fashion, politics, revolution, agriculture, social issues and society life.

  • Empire Online

    A collection of  over 60,000 images of original manuscripts and printed material arranged into five thematic sections containing essays by leading scholars. The focus of the collection is on history, sociology, English literature and art history.

  • Environmental Studies and Policy (Gale OneFile)

    This collection covers articles on a range of  environmental issues including global warming, climate change, agronomy and alternative energy.

  • Everyday Life and Women in America, c.1800-1920

    A searchable collection of rare books, pamphlets, magazines and tracts relating to American home life 1800-1920.

  • Academic OneFile Select (Gale)

    Multidisciplinary online resource with a focus on scholarly publications, although more general works from newspapers, trade publications and magazines are also accessible. Multimedia resources feature amongst the print publications.

  • Fine Arts (Gale OneFile)

    Full-text articles covering topics such as film studies, performing arts, popular music and art history.

  • Gale Ebooks

    A multidisciplinary collection of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources.

  • Gale General OneFile

    Multidisciplinary collection of over 7,000 scholarly journals, trade and consumer publications and news sources. Subjects covered include: business, computers, current events, economics, education, environmental issues, health care, hobbies, humanities, law, literature and art, politics, science, social science, sports, technology, and many general interest topics.

  • Global Issues (Gale In Context)

    Offers global perspectives on issues of international importance such as terrorism, human rights and world trade, as well as coverage of more specific events and topics in the news that are related to these broader issues. Content includes international periodicals and news sources, video, downloadable audio files, interactive statistics and reference content.

  • Health and Wellness (Gale)

    A collection of articles, pamphlets and reference material in the areas of nursing, health science, medicine, alternative medicine and consumer health.

  • Health and Medicine (Gale)

    General interest health and fitness magazines, medical and professional journals, reference books and pamphlets.

  • Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection (Henry Stewart Talks)

    This resource is a collection of animated audiovisual seminar style talks in the field of Biomedical and Life Sciences.

  • Hospitality and Tourism (Gale OneFile)

    Current and historical journal articles covering all areas of the hospitality industry, including the economic and cultural aspects of travel and leisure.

  • ISN: International Relations and Security Network

    A collection of articles, books, daily briefings, reports and other literature on international relations, area studies, international business, security and military studies, comparative studies, and human rights.

  • Kiwi Research Information Service

    Searchable open-access research documents from research institutions throughout New Zealand.

  • LegalTrac (Gale OneFile)

    Collection of over 1,200 legal publications, including international journals, newspapers and law reviews, plus law-related articles from over 1,000 business and general interest publications.

  • Literature Resource Center (Gale)

    A searchable index of critical analyses, bibliographies, and bibliographies, covering a wide range of authors.

  • Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises 1800-1926 (Gale Primary Sources)

    Historical collection of over 22,000 books on United States and British law.

  • Making of Modern Law: Trials, 1600-1926 (Gale Primary Sources)

    Trial documents, legal commentary and books about renowned Anglo-American court cases, plus English-language titles about trials in other countries.

  • Making of the Modern World (Gale Primary Sources)

    This is a searchable collection of books and journals on the literature of economics.  It focuses on economics interpreted in the widest sense, including political science, history, sociology.

  • Matapihi

    Matapihi is a window onto the online collections of a number of New Zealand cultural organisations.

  • New Zealand Legislation

    Managed by the Parliamentary Counsel Office this database contains current New Zealand Acts, Regulations, Bills and Supplementary Order Papers.

  • Nursing and Allied Health (Gale OneFile)

    Accesses nearly 4.2 million articles from 1,115 journals concerning almost every kind of nursing application from caring for neonates, the elderly and trauma victims to developing policy, operating specialized equipment, and record keeping.

  • OAlster

    Portal for digital collections of electronic books, online journals, audio and image files, and movies, including the Library of Congress' American Memory Project, various pre-print and e-print servers, and digital thesis and dissertation collections.

  • Opposing Viewpoints (Gale In Context)

    A searchable collection of  contemporary social issues, pulling from viewpoint articles, topic overviews, statistics, primary documents, links to websites, and magazine and newspaper articles.

  • Perdita Manuscripts I: Women Writers, 1500-1700

    Contains manuscripts written by women in the British Isles, on a wide variety of subjects, and from a wide variety of sources, including diaries, travel writing, advice writing, and poetry

  • ProQuest Central

    A comprehensive multidisciplinary source of scholarly, general and reference materials in the fields of business, social sciences, health sciences, humanities and the arts. Contains material from 1980 to the present.

  • Psychology (Gale OneFile)

    Research material  in behavioural science from academic journals, books, magazines and newspapers. Some items are full text.

  • Refworks

    Bibliographic software that interacts with your word processor to produce bibliographies formatted according to a specific referencing style (for example, APA style, Chicago, MLA).

  • RISM: International Inventory of Musical Sources after 1600

    Catalogue of manuscripts or printed music, works on music theory, and libretti held in libraries and archives around the world.

  • Science (Gale In Context)

    Authoritative information on popular science subjects such as earth and life science, space, technology, mathematics and science history and biography. Content includes topic overviews, biographies, images and videos, detailed experiments, and periodical articles from noted publications like Science Weekly, Science News and The Science Teacher.

  • Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice, 1490-2007

    Contains original manuscript and rare printed material on trans-Atlantic slavery and abolition.

  • State Papers Online: The Government of Britain, 1509-1714

    A collection of English government documents (papers of the Secretaries of State, correspondence, reports, memoranda from civil servants and administrators) revealing information on social, religious and economic affairs, law and order,  and foreign policy during this period. Also includes the Calendars which summarise the documents.

  • Through the Camera Lens. Moving Picture World and the Silent Cinema Era. 1907-1927

    Provides facsimile copies of " The Moving Picture World", which was an influential trade magazine for the American film industry, from 1907 to 1927. It features news items, reviews and feature articles, particularly by Louis Reeves Harrison, W. Stephen Bush and George Blaisdell. It also contains regular columns on projection, advertising, and theater music.

  • Timeframes

    Selected New Zealand and Pacific images from the collections of the Alexander Turnbull Library, the research library within the National Library of New Zealand.

  • The Times Digital Archive 1785-2011

    The complete edition of The Times (London) 1785 to 1985 with full facsimile images of either a specific article or a complete page.

  • The Times Literary Supplement - Historical Archive

    Enables users to full-text search more than 150,000 pages of the Times Literary Supplement from 1902 to 2008. Includes contributions of influential writers and critics, from T.S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf in the 1920s and 30s to A.N. Wilson and Christopher Hitchens in the 1990s and 2000s.

  • Trove

    Australian research outputs, including theses; preprints; postprints; journal articles; book chapters; music recordings and pictures.

  • Victorian Popular Culture - Spiritualism, Sensation, Magic

    Resource for the study of popular entertainment in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

    Please note we only have access to the 'Spiritualism, Sensation, Magic' module.

  • WDI Online: World Development Indicators

    Social, economic, financial, natural resources and environmental development indicators for 208 countries. From 1960 to 1 year ago.

  • Women in the National Archives

    A Finding Aid to Women’s Studies Resources in The National Archives, Kew combined with Original Documents on the Suffrage Question in Britain, the Empire and Colonial Territories.

  • Women, War and Society 1914 - 1918

    Collection of information resources on the transformation of women's horizons, experience and skills during and after World War I.