Study spaces and room bookings

Our libraries have a variety of study spaces, including bookable study rooms, quiet and social study zones, postgraduate study rooms, and accessibility suites

Green and Blue Zones

All of our Libraries have Green and Blue Zones indicating social or quiet study spaces.

  • Use Green Zones if you are studying with friends or prefer a louder, more social study space.
  • Use Blue Zones if you prefer a quiet, individual study space. You can expect Blue Zones to be peaceful and quiet.

Please be considerate of others when using these spaces.

Postgraduate study spaces

Level 6 of Kelburn Library features a postgraduate study room which includes plenty of desk space, four computers as well as lockers. Access the space using your staff or student ID card.

Level 2 of the the Law Library also includes a postgraduate study room.You will need to get a key from library staff at the service point. Access is limited to specific postgraduate courses.

These rooms are located in Blue Zones (for quiet individual study).

Accessibility suites

The Kelburn Library and the Law Library have rooms that are specially designed with accessibility in mind. If you require access to these rooms please contact Te Amaru—Disability Services.

Bookable group study rooms

There are several group study rooms available for you to use across our libraries. Rooms are bookable using our group study room online booking system. You can book a room for a maximum of two hours per day.