Course reserves

Course reserve lists for some courses can be found on Te Waharoa

Certain courses have their course reserve lists saved on Te Waharoa.

You can search for a particular course reserve list using the course code (e.g. ACCY111).

Search course reserves

Search by course code (e.g. ACCY111).

Issuing course reserve items

Most course reserves will be on short loan (2 hours or 3 days). 2 hour loan items are located in separate collections at each Library.

  • Architecture and Design: 2 hour loan shelves opposite the service point
  • Commerce: Circular black unit in the entrance to the blue zone
  • Law: Reading Room (ground floor)
  • Kelburn: Glass Room (Level 2)

You can book a course reserve item in Te Waharoa for a specific time, whether or not it is currently checked out.