Regulatory Reform Sub-Projects and Researchers

Part 1: Certainty, Legitimacy, Property and the Rule of Law

  1. Public Participation and Regulation
    Mark Bennett and Joel Colón-Ríos
  2. Competition Law and Policy
    Paul G Scott
  3. Does the Use of General Anti-Avoidance Rules to Combat Tax Avoidance Breach Principles of the Rule of Law? A Comparative Study.
    John Prebble and Rebecca Prebble

Part 2: Property Rights

  1. Regulatory Reform and Property Rights in New Zealand
    Richard Boast and Neil Quigley
  2. Possibilities and Pitfalls of Comparative Analysis of Property Rights Protections, and the Canadian Regime of Legal Protection Against Takings
    Russell Brown

Part 3: The Policy and Process of Regulation

  1. Regulatory Management in New Zealand: What, Why and How?
    Derek Gill
  2. Review and Appeal of Regulatory Decisions: The Tension between Supervision and Performance
    Dean Knight and Rayner Thwaites
  3. Rights and Regulation
    Petra Butler
  4. Consumer Law and Paternalism: a framework for policy decision-making
    Kate Tokeley

Part 4: Sector Specific Regulation

  1. The Regulation of Consumer Credit Products: The Effects of Baseline Assumptions
    Graeme Austin
  2. Regulating the Building Industry – A Case of Regulatory Failure
    Brent Layton
  3. Network Industries: Electricity and Telecommunications
    Alec Mladenovic

Part 5: Trade and Investment

  1. The Challenges and Opportunities of Conformity in the Wider Asia – Pacific Context: Tiny Steps on a Long Road
    Chris Nixon and John Yeabsley
  2. Trade Agreements and Regulatory Autonomy: The Effect on National Interests
    Susy Frankel and Meredith Kolsky Lewis
  3. Regulating Foreign Investment in New Zealand
    Daniel Kalderimis

Part 6: The Trans-Tasman Relationship

  1. Australia New Zealand Therapeutic Products Authority. Lessons from the Deep End of trans-Tasman Integration
    Chris Nixon and John Yeabsley
  2. Trans-Tasman Intellectual Property Coordination
    Susy Frankel and Megan Richardson