TJ Boutorwick

TJ Boutorwick



Speed reading: The next generation

LALS PhD Alumnus, Learning Adviser | Te Taiako Student Learning

How to provide L2 learners with quality reading material in the current day and age? Digitally.

Over the years, the English Language Institute (ELI) has been shaped by the world's top scholars. Among other things, this has led to development of the ESL speed-reading programme currently used in the English Proficiency Programme. The speed-reading programme consists of a series of twenty 400-word passages written on a variety of topics. These speed-readings garner attention from all corners of the globe. This presentation begins with an introduction to the speed-reading programme. Subsequently, it will describe how a meeting between ELI members and Monash University's English Language Centre resulted in the creation of a new generation of the speed readings. The presentation concludes by showcasing this generation.