Hao Dao & Minh Ta

Hao Dao & Minh Ta


MY 632

Multiple case studies on the practice of EFL teachers at a Vietnamese university

Hao Dao - LALS PhD Candidate - How did teachers implement the task-based textbook and what did they say about their teaching from that textbook?

Research into the implementation of task-based language teaching (TBLT) in Vietnamese tertiary classrooms is rare. This study addresses this gap by seeking to understand the experience and cognition of the teachers at a Vietnamese university as they taught using the textbook New Cutting Edge Elementary which is explicitly framed as “task-based”.

Minh Ta - LALS PhD Candidate - How is culture teaching/learning perceived by teachers/learners? What culture teaching is evident in teachers’ practices?

Enhancing learners’ intercultural competences (ICC) has been claimed by privileged scholars and researchers to be one of the ultimate objectives of EFL teaching worldwide. How far has this objective been reached?  This study first attempted to investigate the current situation of culture teaching to and learning in a university in Vietnam via classroom observations and interviews with stakeholders. Second, the study examined the effect of a PBLL innovation on fostering students’ ICC.