Entrepreneurs at The Atom

Learn about the entrepreneurs based at The Atom—Te Kahu o Te Ao innovation space.

Victoria Student Fund Charitable Trust three co-founders

Victoria Student Fund Charitable Trust

The Victoria Student Fund Charitable Trust is a student-run investment fund that aims to educate aspiring investment professionals at Te Herenga Waka.

William Cho and Ben Stewart looking at a video camera.

Studio Halfgray

Studio Halfgray is a creative video production agency based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington.

Promotional display of tincture jar, eyedropper bottle, and two pine cones

Bio Gold New Zealand

Bio Gold New Zealand is inspired by a mission to create a new, environmentally sustainable primary industry for New Zealand.

Headshot of Amplifier founder, Casey Davies Bell.


Amplifier brings people together through 1:1 video speed networking, building genuine relationships.

Jarrod Mosen, Michael Watson and Ciaran Jack from StudySpy.


StudySpy are making it easier for Aotearoa's young adults to make one of the most important decisions of their lives—what they are going to study.

Logo - Make ripples.


Makeripples is a new Wellington-based startup offering a social platform for social organisations in the age of social change.

Cameron and Mohammad from Qisma Tech

Qisma Tech

Qisma Tech aim to help young Kiwis develop technological skills through physical games.

Close-up image of a hand holding a Reusabowl


The team behind Reusabowl are making it easier for you to enjoy your favourite takeaways while caring for the environment.

Cynthia Hunefeld, the founder of HerbScience.


HerbScience specialises in developing ethical evidence-based nutraceuticals and integrative medicine.

Michelle Kan from Fish and Swallow, perched in a tree holding a camera.

Fish and Swallow Productions

Fish and Swallow Productions specialise in documenting cultural events and spotlighting creatives, and other extraordinary individuals from around New Zealand.

Ramon Telfer and Alex Johnson from Calmingstone.


Calmingstone want to make controlling panic attacks easier.