Bio Gold New Zealand

Bio Gold New Zealand is inspired by a mission to create a new, environmentally sustainable primary industry for New Zealand.

Promotional display of tincture jar, eyedropper bottle, and two pine cones

“Most people are unaware that pine pollen is an incredible herb for natural health and wellbeing,” says Bio Gold founder Carl Meyer.

In traditional Chinese practice, pine pollen has been used for thousands of years as a highly revered natural health supplement.

“It is a powerful plant compound with over 200+ bioactive compounds, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, and powerful plant alkaloids.”

The forestry industry in New Zealand was already producing an abundance of pine pollen but was treating it as a waste product. Carl saw an opportunity to turn this waste product into a sustainable primary industry that could be shared with the world.

“Our vision is to harness the power of plants to enrich human health, our society, and the environment.”

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