Archway Education

Archway Education is a social enterprise offering affordable, enjoyable and transformative tutoring for high school students in Aotearoa.

A female student sitting and looking at the laptop with her tutor (Aidan Homewood)

Aidan Homewood, is studying Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biology and Mathematics.

Aidan Homewood, Founder of  Archway Education, recently began his tutoring company in 2023. This initiative comes after tutoring high school and university students professionally for two years while studying towards a Bachelor of Science. Aidan is passionate about educational equality, but sees massive disparities in educational outcomes across Aotearoa.

There is a huge shortage of tutors in Wellington and the rest of the country, with some companies charging upwards of $100 per one hour lesson. Aidan says tutors aren’t seeing those gains though, with most jobs paying around $26 per hour, noting that large private tutoring firms are bureaucratic, inefficient, and have high turnover rates.

The goal of Archway is being a social enterprise by providing high quality tutoring and exam coaching free online content can be sustainably funded. Aidan says "being a small business reduces the administrative strain and actually allows room for pushing boundaries."

“It’s fantastic to be at a university which actively promotes and supports entrepreneurship, while I was a Summer researcher I got to see how the university incentivises innovation within academia, and how UniVentures and The Atom help make those ideas a reality.”

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