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  • Michaela Hing

    The benefits of studying entrepreneurship

    Student Michaela Hing wasn’t quite sure what she’d get out of her entrepreneurship course. In this blog, Michaela shares what she learnt and how the lessons go beyond just business skills.

  • Then team behind makeripples

    Entrepreneur profile: makeripples

    When COVID-19 hit and the future of in-person events for the next year or two was called into question, Fishhook, a startup focused on promoting science through in person events, had two options: ride it out and hope for the best, or focus all of their attention on another product they were developing—makeripples.

  • A man, with his back to the camera, looks at a wall with plans and brainstorms pinned to it.

    Four benefits of having a PhD researcher on your team

    Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, an established entrepreneur, or somewhere in between, when you’re developing new products and solutions it can be helpful to have a PhD researcher on your innovation team, write Associate Professor Mary Tate and Dr Ivano Bongiovanni.

  • Dr Jesse Pirini, Brad Olsen, and Professor Stephen Cummings

    Innovating our way out of a recession

    Professor Stephen Cummings and Dr Jesse Pirini were joined by economist and alumnus Brad Olsen to discuss the importance of innovation to New Zealand’s economic future.