Moraka Menstrual Cups

Moraka Menstrual Cups is a New Zealand charitable social enterprise. Started by CEO and founder Shuari Naidoo.

women standing sideways facing the camera

Moraka Menstrual Cups originally started from the Young Enterprise Scheme in 2019 by CEO and founder Shuari Naidoo at 16 who wanted to create an organization with a social long-term impact. Thus Moraka was born!

‘Moraka’ means freedom of the body and expression. This aligns with our core values of feminism and gender equity. When you use a menstrual cup you should feel free and unconstrained by society’s stigma of periods.

Moraka’s mission is to provide affordable, accessible sustainable and cost effective menstrual cups that counter the issue of period poverty and menstrual taboo in society. Moraka Menstrual Cups are a safer, healthier, and eco-friendly option for your period. We believe menstrual cups should be accessible to everyone who menstruates.

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