Qisma Tech

Qisma Tech aim to help young Kiwis develop technological skills through physical games.

Cameron and Mohammad from Qisma Tech

Mohammad Al-Rubayee – Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
Cameron Laing – Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Technology is an ever-increasing part of our lives and it’s important that children coming through New Zealand schools learn the skills they need to thrive in a technologically driven world.

Mohammad Al-Rubayee and Cameron Laing, the team behind Qisma Tech, aim to help young Kiwis develop these technological skills through physical games.

“We teach kids engineering concepts through games that encourage them to play first; learn second,” says Mohammad.

One such game is Ohm-Ohm, which teaches children about Ohm’s law; the relationship between voltage, current and resistance. In Ohm-Ohm one student acts as the current trying to get through a tunnel, another as the resistor trying to stop the current, and another as the voltage trying to help the current get through.

Cameron and Mohammad plan to get kids around New Zealand playing and learning through their games and to see them leading the way in technology as they grow up.

“We hope to see all young kiwis contributing to the future of technology and taking New Zealand to the top of the tech world,” says Mohammad.

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