Sivananda Yoga Kendra

A well-established organization in South India, teaching Yoga through online platforms, expanding out to New Zealand.

Sivananda Sevas Yoga logo with the words unity in diversity

In today’s fast paced life, we try to run for success and survival with hard pressed deadlines along with family commitments, which leads some of us to physical and mental stress and imbalanced lifestyles. This type of imbalanced lifestyle can lead to many health-related concerns like obesity, hypertension etc.

Sivananda Yoga Kendra (A wing of Sivananda Sevas) applies the teachings of Yoga and other Vedanta knowledge, which help to transform lives to be hassle-free, simpler, and healthier. Through their teaching they help the wider community move towards sustainable living enabling harmony and peace. Sivananda Yoga Kendra is a well-established organization with a branch running in India and teaching through online platforms. We cover the following:

  • Wellness program for all age groups.
  • Train the Trainers – People can learn, get qualified and teach other.
  • Design programs for various working group.

We wanted to expand this platform to NZ initially offering the online platform, seminars on well-being, personality enrichment programs, and short-term workshops. We are also exploring partnerships to set- up Yoga wellbeing studios in NZ.

Yoga is a long journey; we don’t guarantee short term gains, but we guarantee people will be inspired to develop healthy habits for their lives leading to a more disciplined, sustainable, and blissful life.

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