Healing Architects

Healing Architects empowers innovators to cultivate healthy mindsets, habits and workflows through understanding holistic health.

Young female with New Zealand scenery in the background

Founder of Healing Architects, Caitlin Hartnett-Poelman is currently studying a Master of Landscape Architecture.

In today's fast-paced world, innovators face increasing pressure to produce exceptional work within tight timeframes, leading to stress-induced burnout and an imbalanced lifestyle. Recognising these challenges, Healing Architects provides an educational platform that empowers users to cultivate healthy mindsets, habits, and workflows. Our mission is to enable our audience to achieve their goals while preserving their wellbeing and happiness. By embracing a holistic understanding of the link between the mind, body, and environment, we make healthy productivity both attainable and sustainable.

Drawing from experience working with creatives in numerous industries and five years of studying architecture, the founder of Healing Architects identified common challenges faced by innovators in their pursuit of success. With expertise in therapeutic landscape architecture, a nature-based design scientifically shown to improve physical and mental health, she offers a unique perspective on how environments impact well-being and productivity. This insight served as the inspiration behind the creation of Healing Architects, a platform for individuals seeking to enhance their lives.

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