Science graduates of all disciplines are found throughout research, business, policy and have the potential to innovate and lead in a range of sectors.


Biotechnology students develop a broad understanding of the application of science and technology to living organisms.

Cell and Molecular Bioscience, Biomedical Science

Cell and Molecular Bioscience and Biomedical Science students analyse life at a molecular level and how this can influence developments in health research.


Chemistry is a core science that underpins and complements other sciences and areas of technology and has many career applications.

Engineering and Computer Science

There are many opportunities for Software Engineering or Computer Science graduates in areas such as software development, cybersecurity, AI or mechatronics.

Development Studies

Development Studies students examine global poverty and inequality and how to address these, bringing knowledge and skills from related disciplines.

Environmental Studies and Environmental Science

Environmental Studies students examine the inter-relationships between industry, people and the environment, developing diverse knowledge and skills.


Geography brings together the social and natural sciences and graduates have skills in mapping, data analysis and applied research.

Geology and Geophysics

Geology and Geophysics graduates understand the science of the earth, from climate change and natural disasters to the impacts of economic development.

Marine Biology, Ecology and Biodiversity

Marine Biology, Ecology and Biodiversity graduates can apply creative and critical thinking skills to animal and plant sustainability and survival.

Mathematics and Statistics

The skills that Mathematics and Statistics students develop are critical to work in growth areas such as data science, artificial intelligence or security.


Physics graduates apply practical, technical and abstract thinking skills along with the ability to innovate throughout the science and technology sectors.


Learning about the human mind and behaviour from a scientific perspective develops valuable analytical and statistical skills and interpersonal awareness.