Psychometric testing

Some employers use psychometric testing to get to know potential employees. Use these tips to help you prepare.

Psychometric tests are usually one of two different types; aptitude tests and personality tests.

Aptitude tests are timed, taken under examination conditions and designed to measure your ability to think and reason.

Personality tests are not timed, have no right or wrong answers and gauge how you would typically react or behave in different situations. They are often used to ensure that you are placed in a work environment and role that will suit you.

Advice and practice

For aptitude tests pay careful attention to the instructions, ask for clarification if you don’t understand the examples, work quickly and accurately and skip over any questions you get stuck on. Don’t guess unless you know that marks will not be deducted for incorrect answers.

The instructions for personality tests may involve ranking actions to indicate behaviour that is most or least like you. Answer honestly (as if you were already in the job).

If you want to find out more about why and how employers use psychometric testing, and some tips for taking tests, watch this video in our online career centre

Psychometric practice tests

You can practice a range of numerical, verbal, critical thinking and other tests using our aptitude test practice tool.

Or you can use some of the many sites available to practice completing psychometric reasoning and personality tests, such as:

Institute of Psychometric Coaching - detailed information about aptitude, personality and psychometric tests and free practice tests.

Practice Aptitude Tests - a free psychometric test resource specifically for University students.