Benefits of internships

You can gain valuable work experience, connections and personal learnings from an internship.

Completing an internship:

  • Puts what you have learned into action - helping you identify and build on your strengths as well as identify and address areas that need development.
  • Provides the opportunity to network with and be mentored by professionals and leading figures in your chosen sector and company.
  • Provides real sector insights that can improve performance during graduate recruitment and selection processes and assessment tests.
  • Sharpens competencies (skills and behaviours) to the level required by employers making you more ‘job ready’.
  • Allows you to test out your interest in a particular work area and decide if your aspirations match the reality. It is also a great way to decide which career path you may choose to eventually follow.
  • Increases the chances of employment upon graduation across all university disciplines.
  • Is particularly important in the areas of law, accountancy and ICT.

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