Preparing a CV

Use these tools and resources to learn about and build your own quality CV or resume.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) and resume are terms used by employers to refer to the professional document that you submit to them to describe your skills, experience and personality.

It is essentially a marketing tool, which should demonstrate to the employer that you have the personal qualities they are seeking in an employee. When preparing a CV there is no 'correct' format. A good CV is unique and has a positive tone. It also needs to be accurate, relevant and well presented.

Getting started with your CV

Before you start a new CV, write down all the experiences, achievements and skills you have developed during your studies. Keep all this information, as you can use it again as a blueprint for developing further CVs. Then understand more about your readers. Who will you be sending your CV to? Identify the needs of your prospective employer, and take into consideration the type of position, industry, company and culture. It is essential that you highlight your most relevant skills and experiences, based on the positions you are applying for.

Putting your CV together

There are many services that can help you with your CV or even write your CV for you. We recommend preparing your own CV and cover letters, with help from resources such as the following.

  • CV and cover letter employability module - work through these tools and resources to prepare and receive feedback on your CV.
  • CV samples - based on the CVs of graduates who were recruited based on successful applications for vacancies
  • CV360 - upload your CV to this tool and your CV will be scored against more than 50 checks, a similar process to your CV being scanned by an automated recruitment tool.

CV checks

Once you have a draft CV and/or cover letter, Careers and Employment provide CV and cover letter checks by e-mail for current students and graduates.

Other CV tools and resources

Careers NZ also has tools and resources including a CV Builder and CV and cover letter templates.

For a resource to download and share, see our CV preparation guidelines.