Commerce graduates bring a wide range of technical and people skills to business and public sector organisations both within New Zealand and overseas.


Accounting graduates understand how to analyse, interpret and communicate complex financial information to inform business decisions across all industries.

Economics and Finance

Economics and Finance provide a foundation for a wide range of careers. Alongside their technical and numeracy skills, graduates are highly rigorous thinkers.

International Business

International Business graduates understand the international contexts of business decision-making.

Information Systems

Information Systems graduates understand the connection between people and technology and work in diverse areas including web and app development.

Human Resource Management and Employment Relations

Human Resources Management and Employment Relations (HRER) graduates have the skills to manage and advise on human issues in organisations.


Management graduates understand the different functions and challenges of organisations and how people and resource decisions contribute to this.


Marketing graduates understand key marketing principles and can contribute to the success of businesses with their analytical, planning and presentation skills.

Public Policy and Public Management

Learning how policy challenges are resolved and government policies are put into practice equips graduates for analysis and leadership roles.

Tourism Management

Tourism Management students develop an in-depth knowledge of the industry and transferable skills that can be applied within a wide range of organisations.