List an opportunity

NZUni Talent enables you to reach over 22,000 Victoria University of Wellington students and over 200,000 graduates quickly and efficiently online.

Co-ordinated by each of the universities' career services, you can publish details of your full and part-time vacancies for student, graduate and internship positions, on-campus activities and scholarships in one place allowing you to distribute it to one or more universities.

Why use NZUni Talent?

  • Free registration
  • Competitive advertising costs
  • Target students and graduates directly so you don't receive applications from unsuitable candidates
  • Distribute vacancies to one or more universities from one central interface
  • Vacancies range from contract to full-time, part-time, summer internships, vacation work and scholarships
  • Raise and maintain your profile as an 'employer of choice' for university graduates.

Advertise jobs

Advertise employment positions to over 22,000 university students and over 200,000 graduates nationwide! Advertisements are welcomed for all types of positions:

  • Casual/part-time/contract/special projects
  • Full-time
  • Internship, vacation or work experience
  • Voluntary
  • Scholarships

Organisations submit and manage details of all opportunities/vacancies via NZUni Talent.This is an efficient, cost effective service for those seeking to employ current students or recent and not so recent graduates for a wide range of full-time or part-time positions. All listings are subject to approval.

Advertising costs

Direct Employer

$65+GST per vacancy advertised to a single university

$180+GST per vacancy advertised to multiple universities (3-7 unis)

Recruitment agencies:

$150 +GST per vacancy advertised to a single university

$400 +GST per vacancy advertised to multiple universities (3-7 unis)

Free advertising is available for:

Volunteer organisations (charities and not-for-profit) registered on the NZ Charities Register
Internships and scholarships

Employer profile, annual profile package:

Tips for advertising jobs

  • When setting your closing date check trimester and examination dates to avoid clashes.
  • Ensure your application requirements are clear. Identify the method(s) of application you will accept i.e. online, postal, email and documents required i.e. CV, application form, covering letter, academic transcript, references/referees.
  • When requesting online applications incorporate a 'save' function. Because of time constraints students need to be able to return to partially completed applications.
  • Similarly, incorporate a 'print' function so that students can keep a copy of their applications and prepare effectively for interviews.

Employer profiles

NZUni Talent employer profiles display on the NZUni Talent job listing pages of all of the New Zealand partner Universities. That's a potential audience for your year-round recruitment message of over 200,000 registered students and graduates for only $950+GST for the year. Employer profiles have an advantage over standard registrations of being able to incorporate additional content and tailored branding options. Just supply what you want (within the guidelines) and we'll take care of the rest.