Cover letters

A cover letter tells the employer why you are applying for the position. Use our tools and resources to produce high quality, targeted cover letters.

The cover letter is one way to attract the attention of a recruiter or potential employer. Each letter should be customised and show that you understand the employer and their needs, then how your skills and experience will help to meet those needs.

Address the cover letter to a person not an organisation.

Sentences should be short and to the point. Use strong verbs that demonstrate action and accomplishment e.g. organised, supervised, coordinated. If there is anything about you in terms of your skills, interests, aptitude or experience that make you unique, then bring this to the employer's attention. Remember to keep the emphasis on what you can offer the organisation to which you are applying, not on what they can offer you.

Writing your cover letter

If you are preparing cover letters for applications for the first time or want a refresher, come to a cover letter workshop and complete our CVs & Cover letters employability module.

For more information on how to produce a quality document that also stands out to an employer, watch this video on How to sparkle in your cover letter.

When you’re ready to write your cover letter use our Cover Letter Builder, and as a guide view sample cover letters from different areas of study. These are based on the letters of graduates who were recruited based on successful applications for vacancies.

More information

For a resource to download and share see our Cover letter guidelines.

You can also find information on writing cover letters and sample cover letters on the Careers NZ website.